Thursday, August 9, 2012

Off to the Races

August has come and I feel like we are off to the races.  It's starting to get a little overwhelming.  We have shopped for school supplies, and gotten my baby registered for Middle School.  MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!  My oldest is going in to High School!  We still have her Flight School (Fish Camp!) to do.  There is paperwork to do and more school supplies to purchase. 

We have a new dress code for our local middle school and don't have the dress code for our Out of District High School.  It's getting expensive!  Who else out there feels like a second mortgage is necessary for Back to School shopping?! 

We've made several trips to Grandma's house.  She has had one temporary procedure for pain management and will go back early next week to get the permanent one.  So the girls and I will go out there to be her Designated Driver.  We've spent a lot of time out there this summer.  Yay!  Now, that my summer is coming to a close, I feel the need to multitask even at grandma's house.  So, while there, I will take my Beagle to have her "procedure" also.  We used to be in the beagle business, but quit a couple of years ago, so now that we are closing the doors to the business, we will have our little momma spayed.  It's time. 

We have orthodontist appointments, and eye doctors appointments, and glasses to pick up, vet appointments... I'm tired just thinking about it.  Add to this that I am totally addicted to the Olympics and you have a recipe for disaster.  It's noon and instead of doing my shopping, I'm glued to the volleyball game and blogging.