Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Husband's Wicked Ways

by Jane Feather

3 Stars

Back Cover:

Aurelia Farnham is happy living in London's stylish Cavendish Square, but with her friends Livia and Cornelia both married, sometimes she longs for more. Then Colonel Sir Greville Falconer storms into her life, delivering a letter from her late husband, revealing he was a spy for the Colonel. The Colonel asks her to partner with him as he exposes a ring of Spanish spies who have infiltrated London society. When the simmering attraction between them ignites into passion and the danger of Aurelia's double life escalates, Aurelia realizes she has more than shadowy antagonists to fear.

My Thoughts:

The premise just didn't really sit with me. I didn't buy it. I also thought the heroine was very quick to jump into bed with the hero. It didn't feel it was plot driven. It felt more like, "ok, it's page 75 and we need a sex scene so....." This is the third book (all in this series) that I've read by Ms. Feather and haven't loved any of them. They were just ok. Probably won't read anymore of hers, but can say I finished this series.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For the Love of Pete

by Julia Harper

Rating 4

Back Cover:

Dante Torelli is an undercover FBI agent assigned to protect a mob informant and his family. But when the informant's hiding place is blown, a baby girl is snatched by a ruthless hitman. Now, Dante must save the toddler, uncover the traitor in his department, evade various bad guys, and deal with the toddler's sexy aunt, all before the biggest mob trial in Chicago history, set to begin in just three days.

When Zoe Adler's stepsister went into the witness protection program because of her sleazeball boyfriend, she wasn't supposed to tell anyone. Except the two sisters have always been close, and Zoe has been babysitting her niece, Pete, since her birth. What harm could it be to secretly get Zoe an apartment in the same building where the FBI is keeping the family under protection? So when someone inside the FBI turns and a hitman snatches Pete, Zoe is right there. During the shootout, she jumps into a sexy, uptight FBI agent's car and hangs on as he pursues the hitman. No matter what it takes, Zoe is going to bring her niece back.

My Thoughts:

I thought this was a fun solid story. I like quirky characters and this was full of them. I liked the Gupta Aunties. I did keep getting them mixed up, but they were fun. Neil was the bumbling hitman. He was ok, for me. I liked that he was the tough guy who was afraid of his wife and was therefore taking anger management classes. Then there is Zoe who is a hippie type and free spirit. Dante is the neat freak, hard core FBI guy!

The chemistry is great between the Dante and Zoe. There is mystery and intrigue and spice smuggling, and baby-napping. There was a lot going on and for the most part Ms. Harper does a great job of juggling it, but I do think that this could have benefitted from just a little less. Some of the extra stuff detracts from the romance, but it was a decent story. When I wasn't reading, I was wondering how certain things were going to get resolved. So, I guess that's the sign of a good story that you think about it when you're not reading it.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Readers of Romance Winter Challenge

1. Select ANY number of books to read that fit the category.
2. Post your list on the discussion board and blog (Name’s Winter 09 Challenge List)
3. If you need title suggestions please use the Discussion titled WINTER TITLE SUGGESTIONS if you don't see it please search (to try and minimize number of discussions)
4. Once you have read a book please find the corresponding discussion by searching you can search by 09 Winter # and use the number that corresponds with the list. (one will be created for each number on December 1, again, to try and minimize number of discussions) and post the book and title you read and rating, and review.
5. It is not required, but if you could post your review on the blog that would be great.
6. Reviews on the blog please include labels list the rating, author, and # of challenge only.
7. Audio books are okay
8. Rereads are okay
9. You can change your list at anytimeTHE CHALLENGE:

1. Read a book that was read in the Fall Challenge
Where Dreams Begin by Lisa Kleypas

2. Read a book with a cheesy cover
The Reluctant Viking by Sandra Hill

3. Read a Julia Quinn Book
It's in His Kiss ~~~finished 4.5 stars Not my favorite Bridgerton but very good. Love Lady Danbury. Hmmmph!

4. Read a romance that starts as a friendship
It Happened One Night by Lisa Dale~~finished 4 stars

5. Read a book with “ICE” or “FIRE” in the title
Fireside by Susan Wiggs

6 Read a book that is a Cabin/Road Romance
Stuck with You by Vicki Lewis Thompson~~~finished 4 stars

7. Reader’s Choice (Author last name A-K)
Talk of the Town by Karen Hawkins

8. Reader’s Choice (Author last name L-Z)
At Home in Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller~~~finished 4 stars

9. Read a book with a color in the title
Chesapeake Blue by Nora Roberts~~~finished 4.5 stars

10. Read a book that has a setting other than the U.S. or England
Tall, Dark, and Kilted by Allie MacKay

11. Read a book with a "magic" element (time travel, miracles, magic, psychic, angels...whatever this means to you!)
Covet by JR Ward

12. Read a book that is a stand alone (not part of any series)
Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood~~~finished 4 stars

13. Read a new to you author
The Frasers-Clay by Ana Leigh

14. Read a book that has a three word title
Dirty, Sexy Knitting by Christie Ridgeway

15. For Winter, Read a book that has a “W” word in the title
On the Way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn~~~Finished 4.5 stars


Catching Up!!!

I am sooooo far behind with my reviews. It's been kinda crazy. So, I'll do some mini reviews to get kinda caught up.

Noble Destiny by Katie MacAlister

This is the second in the Noble trilogy. I thought it was good. I was a little irritated with how everyone let Char act like spoiled brat. Noone, not even her "best friend" would just tell her to grow up. That being said, I thought this story had the whimsy that I look for from Katie MacAlister and some very touching moments. Kinda makes ya want to get your hands on a copy of "Vyvian LaBlu's Guide to Connubial Calisthenics".

Morning Light by Catherine Anderson

I liked the story of a rancher and a phychic. She tells him, he has a son and he's the only one who can "save" the son who is in grave danger. They then go together on a trail ride of sorts to find the son he never knew he had. The tentatively fall for each other. This book has a strong Catholic influence, so if religion in your romance is not something you like, then be warned. My only criticism is that the hero monologues for several pages about how he won't have sex with her before they are married, but then the next day he sleeps with her. If you are going to voice such a strong "conviction" based on religion, then I much prefer that you follow thru with that. He shouldn't have slept with her.....That's all.

Say No To Joe? by Lori Foster

I liked Joe and Luna's story much better than Bryan's. Now I might have liked Bryan's story better if, I'd read them in order. Anyway, Luna decides to go to Visitation to raise her cousin's orphaned children. There seems to be some problems in town with the children so she asks Joe to come with her for help. (kinda like muscle!!) He agrees of course, because he's already in love with Luna whether he'll admit to it or not. Once, there they form a unique but close and loving family. The mystery is solved and everyone lives happily ever after.

MacKenzie's Magic by Linda Howard

This is Maris' story. She wakes up in a motel room with a nearly naked man, who's name she can't remember. His name isn't all she can't remember. Together they unravel the mystery of her lost memory, and the connection they feel that is electric. She starts to remember him and finds in him, the soulmate she had been waiting her life for. He is a little slower on the uptake, not realizing that they are meant to be together. Mystery is solved, and they get married.

I liked Maris' story much better than Zane's and I have to say, Linda Howard writes a mean epilogue. Love her epilogues. So much fun!!! I wonder if Nick will ever get a story....

A Game of Chance by Linda Howard

This is Chance MacKenzie's story. I think it was my favorite of them all next to Wolf's. We really get a great window into Chance and what makes him tick, and we get to see the inner conflict. I liked Sunny. She was strong without being a ....well you know. I liked her vulnerable moments, and her inner struggle. It made sense to me, when she decided to really open up to Chance. Again, the epilogue was the bomb!!!

I know, that I didn't "rate" these, but I liked them all pretty well. Probably 3.5's and 4's.


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