Saturday, November 14, 2009

Catching Up!!!

I am sooooo far behind with my reviews. It's been kinda crazy. So, I'll do some mini reviews to get kinda caught up.

Noble Destiny by Katie MacAlister

This is the second in the Noble trilogy. I thought it was good. I was a little irritated with how everyone let Char act like spoiled brat. Noone, not even her "best friend" would just tell her to grow up. That being said, I thought this story had the whimsy that I look for from Katie MacAlister and some very touching moments. Kinda makes ya want to get your hands on a copy of "Vyvian LaBlu's Guide to Connubial Calisthenics".

Morning Light by Catherine Anderson

I liked the story of a rancher and a phychic. She tells him, he has a son and he's the only one who can "save" the son who is in grave danger. They then go together on a trail ride of sorts to find the son he never knew he had. The tentatively fall for each other. This book has a strong Catholic influence, so if religion in your romance is not something you like, then be warned. My only criticism is that the hero monologues for several pages about how he won't have sex with her before they are married, but then the next day he sleeps with her. If you are going to voice such a strong "conviction" based on religion, then I much prefer that you follow thru with that. He shouldn't have slept with her.....That's all.

Say No To Joe? by Lori Foster

I liked Joe and Luna's story much better than Bryan's. Now I might have liked Bryan's story better if, I'd read them in order. Anyway, Luna decides to go to Visitation to raise her cousin's orphaned children. There seems to be some problems in town with the children so she asks Joe to come with her for help. (kinda like muscle!!) He agrees of course, because he's already in love with Luna whether he'll admit to it or not. Once, there they form a unique but close and loving family. The mystery is solved and everyone lives happily ever after.

MacKenzie's Magic by Linda Howard

This is Maris' story. She wakes up in a motel room with a nearly naked man, who's name she can't remember. His name isn't all she can't remember. Together they unravel the mystery of her lost memory, and the connection they feel that is electric. She starts to remember him and finds in him, the soulmate she had been waiting her life for. He is a little slower on the uptake, not realizing that they are meant to be together. Mystery is solved, and they get married.

I liked Maris' story much better than Zane's and I have to say, Linda Howard writes a mean epilogue. Love her epilogues. So much fun!!! I wonder if Nick will ever get a story....

A Game of Chance by Linda Howard

This is Chance MacKenzie's story. I think it was my favorite of them all next to Wolf's. We really get a great window into Chance and what makes him tick, and we get to see the inner conflict. I liked Sunny. She was strong without being a ....well you know. I liked her vulnerable moments, and her inner struggle. It made sense to me, when she decided to really open up to Chance. Again, the epilogue was the bomb!!!

I know, that I didn't "rate" these, but I liked them all pretty well. Probably 3.5's and 4's.



Patti said...

I didn't realize Katie MacAlister wrote historicals - or is it just the cover?

I had Say No To Joe in my hands at the used bookstore but hadn't read anything by her yet - I guess I'll go back and give her a try. Thanks!

Carpoolqueen (formerly known as Beth) said...

katie does have a couple of historicals. I liked Say No To Joe fairly well. Others I know on Shelfari really liked her Ultimate fighting books. I think Causing Havoc was a favorite.