Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Husband's Wicked Ways

by Jane Feather

3 Stars

Back Cover:

Aurelia Farnham is happy living in London's stylish Cavendish Square, but with her friends Livia and Cornelia both married, sometimes she longs for more. Then Colonel Sir Greville Falconer storms into her life, delivering a letter from her late husband, revealing he was a spy for the Colonel. The Colonel asks her to partner with him as he exposes a ring of Spanish spies who have infiltrated London society. When the simmering attraction between them ignites into passion and the danger of Aurelia's double life escalates, Aurelia realizes she has more than shadowy antagonists to fear.

My Thoughts:

The premise just didn't really sit with me. I didn't buy it. I also thought the heroine was very quick to jump into bed with the hero. It didn't feel it was plot driven. It felt more like, "ok, it's page 75 and we need a sex scene so....." This is the third book (all in this series) that I've read by Ms. Feather and haven't loved any of them. They were just ok. Probably won't read anymore of hers, but can say I finished this series.


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Roberta said...

I tried one of Jane Feather's books a year or so ago and didn't get more than a few pages in before being so offended by it that I vowed to never read a book of hers again.