Saturday, January 25, 2014

My how the time flies!!

My daughter  got a letter from Abilene Christian College this week.  She is just a sophomore and these letters are seriously vague and there to see what interest is might be present.  It brought back memories.  When I was in high school I too got a letter from Abilene Christian College.  I thought it curious at the time.  Abilene Christian is known as a Church of Christ school, and I was not a member of the Churches of Christ.  I know, a church that is affiliated with a certain denomination also includes students from other religious affiliations.  So I did some research.  It became quickly obvious to me that ACC was not a fit for me.
I mean really!  They wanted everyone back in the dorms by curfew.  AND, Chapel was mandatory!  What?!  There were dorm Moms, not an upperclassmen RA who really just wanted to be left alone to study!  I found the environment too stifling and restrictive, so I made arrangements to go elsewhere.

Now that my daughter has received a letter from them, I'm rethinking the college definition of "Restrictive".  You know a reasonable curfew sounds safe!  Chapel?  What could it hurt?!  Dorm Moms!  That's what I'm talking about!  Interesting how different things seem when it's your baby planning to go off to college.

Besides, Abilene doesn't have a lot to do to get into trouble... C'mon!  However, they don't have a stellar program for deaf education which is what she really wants to pursue.