Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last Day of School

Today is my youngest's last day of 6th grade.  She has had some struggles this year.  Learning to get herself organized and keep track of her homework.  Remembering to turn in her assignments on time.  Organization has never been her strongest trait.  She had some low grades in the first couple of grading periods due to this.  However, she has really progressed a lot this semester. 

This is her first year to have "Exams" and we hope she knocks it out of the park.  Not so her grades are high but so she can finish STRONG!  I firmly believe in making sure she has a victory.  It's not how the first inning goes, but how the game ends.

I'm really not a Grades Nazi, but I know that kids really pay attention to that in each other. Also, it can be an indicator of a problem or Progress.  I want my kids to do their very best and nurture their full potential.  If their very best effort earns them a 75, then we acknowledge that victory.  If their grade is a 90 and they gave a half hearted effort, we don't celebrate that.  We wonder how good their grade could have been had they done their best work. 

I'm really proud of her growth this year.  Her journey.  It was a really difficult school year last year, and this was her first year in Junior High. She has grown in her responsibility around the house too.  Helping with dishes without complaining.  Straightening up without whining.  She does more than her share and doesn't hold a grudge.  I'm really proud of her and the many ways she has proven herself as a responsible young woman.