Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Been a While

Ok, so it's been a little while.  I've read some great books, and baked some cool cakes, and honestly done a boatload of laundry. 

This fall, has been really busy.  My husband was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome.  He has some serious defficiencies. (in his estimation, not that the average passerby or a stranger would notice).  I've had to take over the family finances, and many of the details that were his.  It's been kind of stressful, but we are making it work. 

The carpool-princesses are transitioning in their academic careers.  For the most part, things are pretty ok, but as with any transition there are some bumps.  We have massive amounts of homework, where we were not used to having that much before.  School plays, band practice, bus rides, massive commutes it's all good! 

I am gearing up for the holidays.  Grandma and I are cooking everything.  Since my little CPPrincess is gluten free, she has embraced the idea of a GF Thanksgiving.  This means we will be cooking everything from scratch.  Whoo Hoo! or Whoo Hoo?  I'm getting used to making GF accomodations, but Grandma isn't, however she has totally gotten jazzed about doing this cooking from scratch.  Usually Thanksgiving is a smaller affair, but this year everyone is coming over.  Hmm!  They don't know they'll be eating gluten free.  bwa ha ha!  The fellas won't even notice.  They'll just gobble (pun intended) it down then look for the game on the tv. Maybe, we could do a Charlie Brown thanksgiving, popcorn included.  That'd be fun! 

Well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Don't forget to tell the people you are thankful for them.  We feel it often, but let's make sure to express it.