Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Texas Ranger

by Diana Palmer
pages 380-ish
rate 2
Back Cover
He is a true Texas Ranger.
A man of integrity with a soul of steel -- pursuing honor and justice is as natural as breathing in Marc Brannon's line of work.
Called to the scene of a high-profile murder, Brannon finds himself pitted against the vibrant -- and vulnerable -- junior investigator from his past. Years ago his heart had been intertwined with Josette Langley's . . . until she'd made an explosive accusation that had sent shock waves through political circles -- and shattered his faith in her.
Now they are back together again . . .
And there is more at stake than just their stubborn pride. For this homicide investigation is becoming more complex and dangerous with each passing day -- and time is not on their side. Can these disillusioned lovers close in on the truth before the culprit claims another victim?
Or will they both be caught in the cross fire . . . ?
My Thoughts:
Yea, I just didn't really like this one. Unfortunately!! He ruined her life...she ruined his...He said things that were beyond harsh. She is the dowdy, pure, type! He thinks she's sexually experienced, and "comes on strong" on a date, to find that when he tries to "get the job done" he can't. Her "maidenhead" is impervious. She'll have to have a "minor surgery" before she's capable of having intimate relations with a man. Let the record show, that this "minor surgery" was mentioned a dozen times! NO KIDDING!! I was so over it. Geez! We get it, she's a virgin!! He's the experienced man. She doesn't believe in premarital sex and only wants to settle down and have kids and make bisquits or whatever. He is a ruthless uber-manly man and gets away with being a jerk because she "loves him". Ack!!

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