Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Leopard Prince

by Elizabeth Hoyt

This is the story of Harry Pye and Georgina Maitland. Georgina Maitland has inherited the estate of her Aunt, and that simple fact is fairly uncommon for the era. Mr. Pye is her land steward. He is stoic around "His Lady" but happens to understand her better than anyone else. She appears flighty and fanciful, but is really untuitive. She has a heart for the people even if she doesn't know how to help them. Harry fights his attraction to her out of duty and a lifetime of seeing Aristocracy mix with the working class. However, he cannot help himself but fall for her. She seems to unlock the humor in him and he the passion in her. They must also face the allegations that Harry Pye is poisoning the farmers sheep.

There is a fun and quirky cast of characters. I so enjoyed the interplay between the entire Maitland family. I also enjoyed the mixing of of the actual plot with the fairytale. If you want to smile, and chuckle, and fan yourself then this steamy book is for you. It is second in the "Prince's Trilogy" The Raven Prince, The Leopard Prince, and The Serpant Prince.

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