Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Highlander in her Dreams

by Allie Mackay (Sue Ellen Welfonder)

#8 Title written by an AKA

rated 4 stars

Back Cover:

Paranormal investigative journalist Kira Bedwell is on a tour of allegedly haunted Castle Wrath when she meets Aidan MacDonald, who claims he is a medieval era laird. She initially assumes the hunk is joking, but after that first encounter, she only sees him in her wet dreams; he shares those sexual nocturnal encounters when he sleeps.

Kira is investigating a paranormal incident in Scotland when the reporter becomes the story. Somehow she is sent back to Aidan's time. His clan is frightened by Kira's arrival as they assume she is a witch. Meanwhile as he tries to convince his people she is his soul mate, he also battles his evil cousin who has plans to abuse the clan for personal gain after killing Aidan. Kira knows who won that confrontation of blood so must change the near future even if it means giving up her beloved Highlander.

My Thoughts:

I thought this was better than the first in the series and kinda hope the third is even better still. I liked Kira and Aiden. I liked that of all the things from the future that Kira ended up bringing with her it was a button and a zipper that wigged him out the most. Then in order to save Kira and himself they travel to the future. He doesn't do well. As you would assume. They find a way back to the past and solve the mystery of the cousins death and save the day.

For me, Time Travel stories are stressful. Usually the method used to travel back and forth in time is unreliable. So one never knows when one is going to be transported back and forth. This one was less stressful than others, but still. Also, if I'm a modern day woman and I go back to 12-something. The dress and environment would be an adjustment, but let us not ignore the most obvious to me....the smells. They didn't exactly have Right Guard back in the day and didn't exactly bath frequently. Toothpaste, soap, feminine hygiene products, cleaning products, the whole shebang! So I would imagine that the initial smells would cross your eyes. Then to get "up close and personal" would really frizz your hair. Am I right?! Who's with me?!

So I wonder how long would it take a modern person to acclimate to the sights and smells.


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