Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reckless Love

by Elizabeth Lowell

#3 Read and Reviewed for Summer Challenge

Rated 5 stars

Back Cover:

Janna Wayland has survived in treacherous Utah Territory by using her wits, her grit and her knife. She is as bold and free as Lucifer, the wild stallion she vows to protect from men who would stop at nothing to possess him. Men like Ty McKenzie, whose will to survive is as strong as her own.

Nursing Ty back from death's grasp, she realizes that neither Lucifer nor her heart are safe from this man's fierce determination. Now Janna must follow Ty on a perilous trek through the badlands, battling renegade warriors, the elements and her own reckless heart with a fury that can be tamed only by love itself.

My Thoughts:

As I write this review, I find that I'm nervous that I will not do justice to this book. Ok, my only criticism. I'll get that out of the way. Ms. Lowell describes in absolute detail the geography. Every butte/ravine/creek/canyon etc. I'm not that familiar with the desert so it meant very little to me, BUT if I were familiar with that landscape and loved it like she obviously does, it probably would have enhanced the story for me. Ok, #2. Everyone knows that I don't need or particularly want graphic descriptions regarding the steamier more personal aspects of the romance story. There were times (not every/all times)when I felt the language was a little more than necessary. I also know that that is a matter of opinion for me, and therefore does not disqualify this book as a 5 star for me. The raw emotion and the story were so compelling for me that it overshadowed any criticism I may have.

Janna Wayland is an orphaned woman alone in a hazardous land filled with renegades and Mustangers who are intent to capture a wild mustang that she has vowed to protect. So not only is the lanscape harsh and difficult but the inhabitants of that landscape are dangerous as well. When Janna first sees Ty he is being beaten by a group of renegade indians and will more than likely be let to run so that he can be hunted, tortured and killed. He shows true grit in the chase and true courage. Janna finds him and rescues him before the indians can finish their dastardly plan. She nursed him back to health while hiding the fact that she is a woman by dressing like a man and hiding her hair.

Ty has plans and dreams. He wants Lucifer the mustang Janna has vowed to protect so that he can start a herd of horses on his Montana ranch and he wants to make his fortune so that he can find and court a "Silken Lady". A woman who is pure femininity and absolute beauty, and perfect creamy grace. As he is sharing his dream with the "boy" who rescued him, little does he know that he is breaking her heart with every word.

So you see the romantic drama. Eventually Ty finds out that the "boy" is indeed a woman and a passionate, loving, brave, capable women. Due to some rather amazing circumstances Janna and Ty catch Lucifer and as Ty begins to win his trust and loyalty, he doesn't realize that Janna is taming Ty as well. Each little step of the way, he fights and it hurts her desperately to be reminded that she's no "Silken Lady" but slowly and methodically she earns his love, and loyalty.

I was drawn in almost immediately and every time I had to put the book down, (I mean who needs to eat or sleep or take kids to school or work?) I couldn't wait until I could pick it back up again. I wanted to know, how/when they were going to come together. I wanted to know when Ty was going to truly see Janna for the perfect fit for him that she was. I needed to know what was going to happen next.

If you like westerns at all, you should read this book. If you don't like westerns typically, you should try this book.


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