Monday, December 28, 2009

Serial Readers Challenge

Well, my dear read-a-holics this year is winding down and coming to a close. It has been a very rewarding literary year for me, and a rewarding year in other areas of my life as well. However, the subject of this post is the wrap up for the Serial Readers Challenge.

I know this time of year is sooo busy, so I've extended the due date for your wrap up post until January 14th. Hopefully by then we will all have had time to update our lists, and post all our wonderful books we've read. I know, I've been keeping a running total with the books I've read, and it has been fun.

I'd love to hear on your wrap up posts not only the books you've read, and so forth, but what titles you loved and why. We discover so many new authors that way. Please post your wrap up posts here and we'll have so much fun looking over each others lists. I know I will. I'll be posting mine as well.

I hope dear Read-a-holics that this was a fun challenge for you. I hope that you got great enjoyment from starting and finishing series this year. Maybe you discovered new authors that are now cherished favorites. I know I did, Julia Quinn is my new best friend. Of course, she doesn't know it, but hey some friendships are just that way. I fell in love with the Brothers this year, and am finding the wait for the next book AGONIZING!! Mostly, I hope you all enjoyed the books you've read.

I look forward to hearing from you all. Happy New Year!



Brittanie said...

Hi Beth
Thank you for hosting this great challenge. Here is the link to my wrap up post. I hope you host it again in 2010.

Christina said...

I completely forgot about posting my wrap-up. Sorry about that. Here is the link.

I noticed I ended up just starting more series then I actually finished. LOL.