Monday, February 25, 2013

Zuchini lasagne

I saw a pinterest post for this so I had to try it. We can't have the regular lasagne since the pasta has wheat so this looks like the ticket. Not only does this give my gluten free one her italian fix but it sneaks vegetables to my youngest. Bwa ha ha!  Love it.
So I grilled the sliced zuchini (thank you God for my mandolin- watch the fingers) and made a meaty sauce. It took one whole zuchini per layer and I used a small dish (8x8).  So anyway.  I also didn't have mozzarella. I substituted colby cuz that's what I had.
Let the record show that I think I have an illness or syndrome.  I can never NEVER follow a recipe exactly as written. What is wrong with me?
My family loved it.  I would post a picture of the finished project but the family dug in so fast, I couldn't. 
Try a new recipe this week. Enjoy!

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