Friday, August 1, 2008



From the moment Karen McAlister saw Rand Prescott, she knew that he was the one man with whom she could share her future. But Rand's own vision was limited, and he was unwilling to bind himself to a woman he could not see.

Fate, however, saw everything, and forced them into a marriage neither one could have foreseen on that first night in each other's arms. But theirs became a love which neither one would trade for all the riches of the Orient or the brightness of the sun.

I liked this story pretty well. I thought Rand was a little over the top. Geez, your blind, not incompetant. So, you'll never "see" her, guess what you'd get to "feel" her. What husband doesn't want more "feeling" going on. :) It was an ok book. Luckily it was short, cuz I don't think I would have wanted to invest much more time with them.

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