Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tall, Dark, and Cajun

Spoiler Alert----Sorta----Mebbe----I'm typin' Cajun!!---Did, I hear St. Jude!!!


Men! After finally dumping her fiancÈ, whose idea of romance was making sure she toned her butt and abs, decorator Rachel Fortier hightails it out of D.C. straight for Cajun country. But her ex-taxidermist grandma's cabin on stilts in the Louisiana bayou isn't quite the grand estate she imagined. Throw in a pet alligator named Useless, a herd of Southerners born and bred, and Remy LeDeux, the smoldering-eyed pilot angling for her family's property, and Rachel's in for a passel of trouble-especially since their chemistry is hotter than the Atchafalaya Swamp in July. With his miniskirted great-aunt itching to marry him off and her rifle-toting grandma ready to shoot Remy the second he sets foot on her land, the sexiest bad boy this side of the Mason-Dixon line will need a special kind of voodoo to win this civil war.

Ok, let me start off with my Issues! When Remy reveals to Rachel that he is sterile, following a horrible accident and subsequent surgeries following Desert Storm, she dumps him, for not telling her sooner! Talk About!! They've been "seeing" each other for like 2 weeks. (seeing alot of each other, nudge nudge!!) In her defense, her fiance had a vasectomy like 1 month ago without telling her. (dumps the chump! ) What did she expect?! "Hi, my name is Remy. I think you're hot, btw I'm sterile!!" Yikes!! He's a guy, a man's man, and admitting something like that would be similar to a woman walking around town wearing a t-shirt with her weight in BIG print. (Any takers?! I thought not!) She overreacts, and his family sides with her when he finally tells him his embarrassing little secret. I get it, that the fact that he can't father a child, (biologically) is not the big deal he thinks it is, but for her to be sooo insensitive to how that makes him feel, is beyond me.

Soapbox, put away!! I still very much liked the characters and the story. Sandra Hill, discusses this sensitive topic with grace and humor. There is a cajun granny to rival Tanta Lulu! Believe it! Ms. Hill also revives the Mullet! Gone but not Forgotten!! I kept waiting for a Billy Ray Cyrus song to come on the radio or tickets to his concert or something. (hee hee!)

There is a famous Richard Gere moment, but I won't tell you which one. Ya'll have to read it for ya'll selves. This installment sets up for Charmaine's story. We even get glimpses several times.

Raoul...hubba hubba!!

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