Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer Reading Challenge Wrap-up

1. What one book from my list would I recommend...well, since I can only pick one, it would have to be Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I loved this book, and laughed out loud. Because of it, I've bought the whole Chicago Stars Series. (which you will find represented in my Fall Reading Challenge List.) Love, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Did I mention that!?
2. What was the worst book I read...well, I'll have to say that most of the books I read were ok, or great! I struggled most with the "Wicked" books. To Wed a Wicked Prince and A Wicked Gentleman. They were just ok to me.
3. Which authors did I discover that I loved/hated...Well, I discovered a lot of new authors. I Loved; Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lynsay Sands...Hated: well that's kinda strong, but I'll be hard pressed to read another Jane Feather.
4. Which reviews did I write that others wrote, and how were they alike or differents...well, I didn't write many reviews on the Readers of Romance blog. My writing skills, and reviewing skills are mediocre, so I didn't suffer you all with them.
5. Comments/suggestions: Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. It was difficult for me to find books I wanted to read, and made several edits to my list throughout the summer. I'm hesitant about reading new authors, as I really prefer warm/pg-pg13 books to the Hot/r-ish books. Some that I read, were "hotter" than I prefer, but were still well written and I enjoyed the story so much, I'll read the author again. Because of this challenge, I've broadened my author horizons and that I like. Yay me!!

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