Monday, September 28, 2009

The Secret Life of Bryan

by Lori Foster

rated 4 stars

Back Cover:

When bounty hunter Bryan Kelly meets gorgeous philanthropist Shay Sommers he mistakes her for a prostitute. Despite Shay's denials, Bryan remains convinced that she's a hooker. Frustrated, Shay decides to conceal her wealthy lifestyle and moves into the Preacher's safe house to get to know some real "working women". Meanwhile, Bryan has an identity problem of his own, for he's masquerading as his twin brother, Preacher Bruce, in order to discover the identity of the person who assaulted Bruce and continues to threaten the women in his shelter. Bryan will do whatever it takes to find his brother's attacker and ensure the women's safety--especially Shay's. Both Shay and Bryan are keeping secrets that can destroy their growing relationship and neither of them are accustomed to trusting others. If Bryan can keep Shay alive, will he be able to convince her to trust him with her heart?

My Thoughts:

I liked Bryan, who kept slipping up as a "preacher". I mean, I've never met a preacher who cussed like that. However, Ms. Foster's initial description of Shay, left an image in my mind, that didn't connect with the lust that Bryan felt. I saw her as tall, Nordic, but more Helga maybe than Shay. Kinda robust, and solid. I think, I was supposed to see her as tall and slender almost willow-ey, but I just didn't. So, it was just not a picture I could see them together as a couple.

Also, something I don't get. She was nearly 6 ft. tall, and at one point she sits on his lap and is crying and he tucks her head under his chin......I don't see how that is physically possible. I mean, I'm almost 6 inches shorter than my husband, and if I were to sit on his lap, it would take an act of contortion for my head to fit under his chin.....Ouch!!!

Aaaanyway, I think the women at the shelter could have been better developed (literarilly speaking since they were well developed physically...ha ha ha ). I figured out, the mole right away. And for me, the sex scenes were too...not steamy, cuz I love the steamy scenes in BDB, but were so um, course? I don't know, it felt only physical not emotional. Almost clinical. I know, these are nitpicky things, but...

I think honestly with a few minor tweeks, this book for me would have been Great!!! As it stands, I found it good.

I will try, Say No To Joe, which was the 1st in the series. Am wondering if I'd read that one first, I'd have been more invested. And the minor tweeks wouldn't be necessary.


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