Monday, June 11, 2012

Love Me

Love Me by Bella Andre
1 Star
Reader's of Romance Summer 2012 Reading Challenge

Back Cover:
If there's one thing that Janica Ellis is absolutely certain of, it's that she and Luke Carson are totally wrong for each other. She's a wild, artistic and outspoken fashion designer. He's a type A, workaholic trauma surgeon (who just happens to be sizzling hot and her brother-in-law!). But Janica is about to be proven wrong when opposites the sexiest possible way.

After a life-changing night in the ER, Luke is desperate for escape - and relief from his personal demons. For five years he has fought his attraction to his sister-in-law, but when he's pushed too far, he can't fight it another second. He needs her. Desperately. He's spent his whole life doing the right thing. For one night, he's going to follow desire instead. Straight into Janica's arms.

Janica can't believe Luke is finally at her front door...and that he's kissing her like he's been waiting his whole life to touch her. But even as their sensual connection deepens with every touch of skin on skin - and the man she always thought was such a good boy turns out to be sinfully, toe-curlingly bad between the sheets - Janica soon realizes she wants more than Luke's body. She wants his heart too. But what will Luke do when one night of extreme passion turns into an all or nothing proposition?

My Thoughts:
I just didn't like this book.  I felt the back cover was kinda deceiving.  First off, He's not her Brother-in-law he is her Brother-in-law's brother.  Second, At no time in this book does Ms. Andre really explain the Demon's Luke and Janica are fighting.  There is even mention of some sordid/traumatic past for Janica and Luke is supposed to be some sort of tortured hero and he doesn't come across that way. 
Then, then... the sex scenes were soooo gratuitious.  I mean give me a break.  When the Hero shows up at the Heroine's door she has gone to a club and invited 2 stangers home for her first menage.  Now, really!  IMO, if that wasn't bad enough these guys are complete strangers and you invite them to your house for some kinkiness. Nope!  So she makes the wonder boys leave before the big event.  As soon as the door closes behind them, Hero is kissing her, and just bossing her around.  Now, I get some people are ok or rather into dominance/submission stuff, but this didn't feel like that.  If felt like, I'm a jerk and you are just going to do whatever I say.  AND SHE DOES!!!   Geez.  Give me a break. 

I kiss you once, then "Get on your knees", then "Get Naked", than "Down", then "Roll Over", I am suprised she didn't have to "Play Dead" and "Shake Hands".  NOT SEXY!.  Then he just up and walks out the door.  She goes right after him and finds him at a secluded cabin where she confesses her love and he just kept up the same icky treatment.  Oh, sure, he "feels" guilty, but keeps on treating her cruddy.  At one point he tells her, if she is to stay at the cabin, she must be naked. So what does she do?  Yep!  Strips!  Gah! 

What a waste.  I love a tortured hero and don't mind a needy heroine every once in a while, but ugh both these characters were sooo unsympathetic.  In My Opinion.  (Since this is my blog, it is my opinion.)

I think this book would probably be considered erotica so the gratuitious sex scenes have an explanation.  The bad character development doesn not. Don't waste your time, and even though it was free, I still wish I could get a refund. Rolls Eyes!


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