Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catching Up With Old Friends!!

So, I've gotten onto Facebook. Dave and I originally started up because someone wanted to connect with him regarding video from the International Singles Conference. So, he did the thing, and I ,of course, had to cuz I couldn't let him have all the fun. So I did the thing. Even posted a picture. Come to find out, it is the only picture of me in the entire camera. (and we still have pictures in there from 2 years ago.) So, it's not a great picture, but hey when you're 100 lb overweight no picture is a great picture.

Then guess what happens?! Guess! Yep, you guessed it, people from high school found me. Yep, those same people who look the same from high school. Yep! I see their pictures and want to swallow a tape worm. (except I was watching an episode of House and they said that having a tapeworm is really painful. so....no tapeworm for me!)

Then, I was "catching up" with an old friend, and I'll use the term loosely cuz, I might have to put him in the "doghouse". He had the nerve to tell me, that he's about to be ........a .....Grandpa! I am soooo mad. You see, he was not older than me in school. So, if he is old enough to be a Gramps, Pops, Pah Pah, then you know what that makes me?! Yep! Old enough to be a Grandmother! Then, do you know what he has the nerve to tell me?! He tells me! That when he was deployed (1 of the 3 times so far!) they sent him to Greece! YUP! Greece! Greese of the incredible landscapes. Greece of the good food. Greece of the friendly people (who fed him!). Greece of the you know, white building, and beautiful waterfronts. Greece of the Parthanon and Acropolis. Yep! That Greece. The Greece that I always wanted to go to! Could the Military have sent him to the Greece of the endless sheep? The Greece of hot sticky weather? The Greece, of ...of....Food poisoning or something? Nooooooo!

Yep! Definately doghouse material! And...and...He didn't even have the good grace to get fat or bald or anything! ***rolls eyes heaven ward*** I know there is a lesson here, but for the life of fish, I can't figure out what!

I think, I'll go photoshop my head on Angelina Jolie's body! That'll show them!


Heather said...

LOL. I did the whole MySpace thing for a while for the same reasons. I found a few old friends and some that I couldn't remember or didn't care to remember. One of my best friends through most of high school is living not 45 minutes from me! We had huge crushes on each other, but he was also my brothers best friend so off limits to me. I already knew he gained a lot of weight becuase we both hung around our home town for a while and we ran into each other at the Bar... his regular hang out that I just so happened to get a part time job. Anyway years have past since then. We talk frequently on the phone now, but neither of us has made the attempt to see each other in person. I have married a man that seems to be his twin in everything but looks! His wife, from what I hear could be my twin in all except looks and age! He just called to tell me that Sara (his wife) is pregnant, something he has to come to grips with... he didn't really want to have kids.
He is great... now that I have also gained my share of weight, he has not cracked one fat joke with me, still calls me beautiful! So he gets to stay out of the Dog House... but I am with you, your friend can go straight to the dog house for all his travel and good looks. lol

Heather's Books said...

I have facebook and I have to tell you that the only people I am friends with on there are my family, one friend from high school, and most of the ladies at church. Very uninteresting...well except for when one of them separated from her husband and posted it allover facebook.