Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is It Just Me?

So lately I've been reviewing a little more harshly than usual. I'm typically a solid 4 giver. Books tend to be good. Maybe not perfect, but fun and enjoyable. However, lately I'm kinda tough. Maybe, I'm getting picky! Maybe, I'm spoiled. I mean Nora Roberts and Julie Garwood, Lynsay Sands, Susan Elizabeth Phillips are soo good.

I will say, that everyone knows, I prefer a pg to pg-13 books. AAR's warm ratings are best for me. I don't mind a Hot every once in a while. Or a book whose scenes are Hot but not every 3 pages. Really? How do they have time to do anything else, and who'd be able to walk with all that "business" going on below the equator. But, I'm getting really tired, of always being aware of the Hero's "Mini Me". For men who are supposed to be sooooo experienced, they seem to tighten, swell, grow, salute, whatever at every breeze! I mean, the heroine, glances in their direction and Mini Me, stands at attention! Also, I don't care to hear about each and every "Salute". Maybe it was the last couple of books I read, but I'd rather know what the hero is feeling in his heart or head than in his pants. Geez Louise!!

Also, I've been kissed in my day. But so help me, I've never been kissed so that I didn't realize that my clothes were being removed. At least not without the help of a Jimmy! I always knew exactly what was going on. (Maybe I didn't care, but I knew. Believe You Me!) So, I know many of you who read romance, aspire to write romance too. (or maybe you already are!) Please, focus as much attention on a realistic progression of feelings, and not just the Sex! Great sex, is--well--Great! But, it is not what a Great relationship can flourish on! I mean, haven't we all had past relationships where the passion was super, but other more important stuff was Crap!! Did, I marry him? No! Even if you did, it doesn't last, without a conversion of some sort.

I think that's why I like the Inspirational romances too. There's no sex, and often no kissing, just a progression of a relationship with each other (including God!)

Or, maybe I'm in a bad mood! Or maybe, I need more fiber in my diet! Who knows!

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