Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Gift

The Gift by Julie Garwood

Arranged Marriage Book


Rated 4.5

Back Cover:

A child bride, Sara Winchester had grown into a winsome beauty, joyfully anticipating the day when her husband Nathan, Marquess of St. James, would return to claim her heart at last. Charmingly innocent, she dismissed the ancient feud that divided Nathan's family from her own...and she was totally unaware of his past exploits as the notorious pirate, Pagan. The man who now stood before her was perplexing, arrogant and powerfully handsome...a warrior-gentleman whose gentle touch aroused her to the wildest, deepest pleasures of love.

Nathan had never bared his soul to any woman, but he was soon utterly beguiled and exasperated by Sara's sweet, defiant ways. Aboard his ship, The Seahawk, she was brave, imperious and determined to win his heart completely -- yet upon their return to England, her love would be sorely tested as a vile conspiracy tried to tear them apart. With their future at stake, they would discover the true destiny of their passion...for all time!

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this story. This telling had the humor and warmth that I've come to expect from Julie Garwood. I much preferred this story to Guardian Angel. I enjoyed the quirky heroine and Nathan's inner struggle to trust. I also loved the secondary characters of Nora, Matthew, Jimbo and Chester. I think my favorite series of scenes where when Sara was liberating her Aunt and punches her uncles henchman. She thinks she's doing this all on her own, but really Nathan is there the whole time. Cute!!! She uses more realistic names now! Yea, I know, Drop will Ya!! I'll give this one a 4.5 for sure.

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