Monday, January 19, 2009

When I Fall in Love

When I Fall in Love by Lynn Kurland

Title with a "W" Word

pages 445

rated 5 stars

Back Cover:

Nicholas dePiaget is finished with demoiselles more interested in his riches than his heart. He is certain he'll spend the rest of his life in his leaky castle, watching others enjoy wedded bliss, until he stumbles upon a flame-haired maiden in distress. His honor demands that he help her return home-if only his heart would allow it.

Jennifer McKinnon is convinced that there are no more knights in shining armor-at least not in Manhattan. Then a chance trip to England leaves her wondering if a happily ever after might be in her future. Little does she know that a hero of legendary chivalry awaits her...eight hundred years in the past.

But desires of the heart and dangerous secrets threaten to tear them apart, and only time will tell if true love can lead them to a fairy-tale ending....

My Thoughts:

I really loved this story. It was a great romantic tale. It truly was a fairy tale for grown-ups. Ms. Kurland writes real people with humor and grace. She acknowledges their flaws and makes them real. The story of Nicholas and Jennifer is full of passion and romance. They both have to come to terms with the complications that time travel provides. I enjoyed the natural progression of Nick and Jennifer's relationship as they each come to realize their love for each other and make choices that will affect their future together. There were bittersweet moments where each was trying to look to the needs of the other. I enjoyed the secondary character who were written well and displayed ranges of emotion but most of all dedication to one another.

Something else I like about this book was that it didn't have a "love scene". It's kinda nice to hear of an alpha male who falls in love with someone without having to continually read about the state of his..."kibbles and bits". I mean really, sometimes the way some of these stories are written it's a wonder that these guys can walk straight! **rolls eyes** Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good steamy story too, but a pure romance is a nice fresh change of pace from time to time.

My only complaint would be that When I Fall in Love is obviously part of a series, and not the first in that series. My personal preference is to read books in order. There seemed to be many back stories and many other pairings of past/present that I felt like it would have enhanced my story experience to have known from the onset. But that's my fault for not doing the research before reading it.

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