Monday, August 10, 2009

Memory Lane

Hey Ya'll. Today was a different kinda day. I had to drive some 30 miles to Denton to pay a traffic ticket that I got. I know, 60 in a 45 is NOT a good idea. I do not recommend it. (Neither does my bank account). Anyway, the County Clerks office was in a Government building in an older part of town. So, I google map my way there, got a little turned around looking for parking but found the place and took care of business.

Upon leaving I cranked up the Keith Urban in the CD player and proceed to drive home. (Well, really to Walmart, cuz I have to get the oil changed and pick up some more school supplies. But that is really neither here nor there) I recognized a road that ought to be a short cut to get to the state highway that lead back home. Well, it sorta did, but anyway. Along this new route that I'm taking home, I see a Mrs Bairds Bakery Outlet. Ahhh! It got me thinking of times gone by.

You see in Downtown Ft. Worth close to where I grew up, there was a Mrs. Bairs Bakery. The big factory kind. You would drive down the highway in front of the factory and it didn't matter the time of day or night. It didn't matter if you had all the windows rolled up and the air cranked to recycle interior air. You could always smell the scent of fresh baked bread. You could usually smell it before you could see it. Mmmmm. I used to love that. They've since torn it down, and that made me sad, but seeing that little store brought back some really cool memories. (and it kinda made me want some white bread.)

Then as I continued on my journey, and thinking about that great bread, I passed in an even older part of town, a Piggly Wiggly grocery store. Now, I don't know, if they had Piggly Wiggly's where you all come from but they were here. Safeway, bought them out in the late 70's. But a few retained their name. That got me to thinking too. I remember going grocery shopping with mom, and they'd give you these stamps. You'd save up all these little stamps in the book, and when you filled it up, you would turn the book in and get dishes usually. Also sometimes you could redeem them for small appliances. My mom still has some plates and bowls that she got that way in the 70's. It was so fun and exciting. The bowl probably cost 50 cents to make and would have cost maybe $5.00 or something, but boy you felt like you really accomplished something. Licken and Sticken those stamps and keeping track of that book. Then taking it into the manager.....Yea!

You know, we just don't have that kind of stuff nowadays. No, fresh bread drivebys and stamp earned dishes. My kids, are really missing out. I should see if the local Albertsons has anything like that.


Christina said...

We don't have Piggly Wiggly here in Iowa but my grandma collected a whole set of dishes from a local grocery store chain here. I swear it wasn't that long ago but since she has been gone for nearly 10 years I guess it probably has been well over 20 years since she finished collecting.

We had a Frito Lay plant that we could smell as we drove from Omaha, Ne into our city of Council Bluffs, IA. I thought it smelled like putrid grease but everyone else thought it smelled so great that they always wanted to buy a bag of Fritos whenever we passed. So maybe it was just me who thought it stunk bad LOL.

Heather D said...

Good Morning Beth,

I grew up in Savannah, GA. We had a Sunbeam bakery practically right next door to my middle school. Can you imagine having to sit through 3 years of classes smelling fresh braked bread?!! I was always hungry. In elementary school we took a field trip there, it was so cool!

We too had Piggly Wiggly. I think there might be one left. My mom loved those Greenback stamps. I remember having to count the books, lick the stamps and place them in the little squares. She had a lot of them saved up and I used them for my kitchen items when I moved out.

thanks for the flashbacks!!

Carpoolqueen (formerly known as Beth) said...

Christina, do you still have a Frito aversion now? ha ha

Heather, having the bakery next door to a school? Torture! I'd have never gotten any work done, or would have just gained tons of weight. :)

Christina said...

No Frito Lay issues any longer. Sadly, and typically, the factory was closed down so no more smells across the bridge. I do enjoy a frito now and again.