Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Candy Obsession

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon.  Last summer as we came and went I kept obsessing over Cherry Sours.  I wanted them all the time but couldn't find them anywhere.  Well, I could find them at Hobby Lobby strangely enough but not at any other of my candy retailers.  Of course, I don't exactly go to fancy candy buying places, but mostly convenience stores etc.  Anyway, I spent the whole summer on a quest.  Must..Find..Cherry Sours!  My addiction seemed to wain as school started and life got busy. 

This summer, I can't seem to get enough of Almond Joy.  I mean, that cool coconutty goodness.  The almonds!  The creamy milk chocolate. So yummy and refreshing!  They even have Almond Joy M&M's!  I don't let myself indulge too often, but golly it's a serious temptation.  Wonder what it will be next summer? 


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