Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Books in a series

I'm 2/3 through with the Lucky Harbor trilogy that is out this summer by Jill Shalvis.  I just finished At Last, last night and am starting Forever and a Day today.  As, I was putting last night's book on the "Read" shelf I noticed several that I finally finished and some that are waiting patiently on my "To Be Read" shelf.  (yes, I really have a separate shelf for those books I've read and those I haven't)  I have 2 of the 3 Inn at Boonsboro trilogy by Nora Roberts waiting for me.  And it got me to thinking if others do what I do? 

There are certain authors who are good at writing 3 books in a series every year for me.  Some examples that I love are Robyn Carr's Virgin River, Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold, and Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor.  These authors tend to release their books 1 a month for 3 months in a row, until all three are released for that year.  And, Nora Roberts is so good at writing trilogies (and quartets).  I will have to purchase all three in that particular group of books in the series before reading one.  For instance when Robyn Carr releases her new Virgin River books, one comes out in January, February, and March.  I will buy the January book, but will not read it until I have all three.  So, when everyone is raving about her book in January, I haven't read it yet.  Now, sometime in March, when the 3rd book has been released and I have all three in my greedy little hands, I will sit down with them and read them all.  I do this with all the above mentioned authors and others. 

I find when I haven't done this, when I've read "January's" book in January, then I want to read the next one immediately and I can't.  Maybe, I have a bad memory, but waiting a month to catch up with those characters with having read other books in the mean time, I tend to lose track of who and what is going on. 

Does anyone else out there do this?  Am I the only one who is so obsessive about my book series that I will wait to collect them all before starting the first one?  Oh, oooo!  And It drives me nuts when I read a series out of order too.  Like getting the 2nd or 3rd in a series, not knowing it's part of a series, and reading it first.  Because even though authors are pretty good about explaining the back ground in subsequent books, it still feels like I'm walking into a movie halfway through. 


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