Saturday, September 15, 2012

Julia Childs Syndrome

 I have been doing some experimental cooking lately.  I recently watched Julie and Julia, and was therefore inspired to attempt to do some real cooking.  So lately we've had fish, and chicken and some roasted vegetables.  I've used a boatload of butter.  Yes!  That lovely yellow concoction that makes everything taste soo good.  If any of you have seen the movie, you may remember the scene where Julie Powell is extolling the merits of butter and says that if the end were in fact near, then she would spend her last days eating butter. 

So butter has been used in many a dish lately.  I got my youngest to eat her veggies since they were sauteed in liquid gold.  We have  been thoroughly enjoying our gastronomical escapades.  Then, the other evening, I was feeling kinda icky.  Kinda, sick at my stomach, but not really.  My chest was hurting sorta, and there was a slight increase in the eructation.  More commonly known as burping. ( sorry if this is TMI! ) 

Then it occurred to me that in the movie there was a compilation scene where Julie and Eric, and Julia and Paul are all scene reaching for the nearest bottle of antacid.  It was seen in the medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinet, bedsite table, and even coffe table (I think).  That scene was always funny to me, but now, I have a whole new appreciation.  So instead of having the so very common indigestion or heartburn, I chose to think I have Julia Child's Syndrome. 

I have not yet "Mastered the Art of French Cooking", but have found my tolerance for butter in cooking sorely tested.  I will have to reintroduce the olive oil/vegetable oil to the saute pan.  They were old friends once.  The saute pan, is not married to butter and cheating with the oil, it is merely best friends with them both. 

So, in the immortal words of Julia Child, "Bon Apetit!"

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