Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Team Gluten Free

So as many of you may already know, my older daughter has gone gluten free. She has done so at the urging of our homeopath and has had some great results as it pertains to her overall well being. Snaps for Team Gluten Free!!
So we have had some trouble eating out and keeping it "Clean" (or GF). This summer we did find a couple of local restaurants who have a GF menu available Upon Request. More Snaps!!! They may not be considered "fine dining" but that is fine with us. We are really laid back people anyway. Applebees is right around the corner from our house and they have one. Then on the way to and from church camp there is a Chili's. They do too! So CPK(carpoolking aka Dear Hubby), CPP1(carpoolprincess 1 aka older daughter) and moi all ordered from Chili's "Clean" menu and it was good. Not only was it good, but it was pretty. If you GF right, it can be soo colorful. All those veggies dancing on the plate.  It's like a unicorn and a rainbow collided in Heaven.
So the moral here is ask your favorite eating establishments if they have a GF menu. Pass the word. You may find that even though you might not be forced to eat Gluten Free, chosing to is super Yummy!
Bon Apetit!

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