Thursday, January 10, 2013

Auntie Beth's Dog Sitting Service

Boys and Girls, this is Auntie Beth, the Carpoolqueen's alter ego. 

I am Babysitting my  mom's 2 Cairn Terriers, Bonnie and Gus, since she is having surgery this week.  I couldn't be there with her, so I'm taking care of her babies. 

We are having an interesting time.  I have 3 dogs.  A black lab named Zeus, who is a Momma's boy, a beagle named Xena who is our alpha dog, and Zoey who we rescued last summer.  We think she is a miniature labradoodle.  She is a hoot and always ready to wrestle.  Gus and Bonnie, lead a life of leisure in the country.  Gus, is ok, with my girls (Xena and Zoey) but not so much with Zeus.  Can you say Napoleon Complex?

 Last night, we were home catching up on homework, and rest since Uncle D (aka CarpoolKing) has the flu!  Yay!  When my oldest daughter opened the front door to go get the sports drink from the truck, a bird flew into the house.  It's been raining a lot and I guess our uninvited guest wanted to get dry.  Ok, I now have 5 dogs in the house, and all of them decide to go crazy!  There was much barking, and running around and jumping.  I finally got all the critters into their kennels, since they'd chase Mr. Bird all around the house and follow him outside and down the street and keep after him. 

So, now Mr. Bird, is wondering why we don't want to share our warm dry house with him?  So, we got 2 brooms and tied a flat sheet to the handles to make a "wall" so we can escort him outside.  Hmm, guess who landed on our "wall" and flew right over?  Oh, yea!  So, we got the mop and long handled dustpan and made another wall.  Imagine our surprise when he kept flying back and forth. 

30 minutes later, a dozen failed attempts and much barking and whining later we finally got him to leave.  When we finally let the dogs back out, they had to search every corner of the house to make sure there weren't any feathered friends still lurking about. 


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