Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Obsession

Ok, so I very easily get obsessed with new things.  I was into scrapbooking for a while and collected all this stuff.  I did a couple of albums and even set up my own scrapbooking area in our house when we moved about 6 years ago, and haven't scrapped since.  Pathetic!  I know! 

Anyway, thanks to Pinterest I'm trying things I haven't ever wanted to do.  I am all about making my own laundry detergent, fabric softener etc.  My friend gave me a recipe and I got one from Pinterest.  Since, I'm me, and I never just follow a recipe, I made my first batch with some alterations. 

The first recipe from Pinterest actually comes from this Blog post.
Jillee has a pretty cool blog and I'm excited about all the ideas I've gotten so far.  Here is the basic recipe. 

1 box  Borax
1 box Washing Soda
2 cups Baking Soda
2 containers Oxyclean
3 bars Fels-Naphta (grated)
1-2 containers Purex fabric softener crystals. 

My friend Lori, who is FABULOUS and all things natural, and Zen gave me this recipe.

1 box Borax
4 lb Box Washing Soda
4 lb Baking Soda
2 lb. oxyclean
3 bars Fels-Naphta or 2 bars Zote

I made the recipe given to me by my friend.  Because, I'm nothing if not Loyal!  However, I did adjust it a little.   I couldn't find the bars of Zote, and the Fels-Naphta had too strong a scent.  So, I used Bars of Ivory instead. 

It was great, I do think I got the measurement per load wrong though.  I have been severely oversoaping my laundry.  Even so, my clothes are clean and smell faintly good. 

I can't have perfumes in my detergent, activates my allergies so much that I can't even go into my laundry room.  Bummer! 

My next batch will be the Pinterest/Jillee recipe except for the Fels/Naphta adn the Purex fabric softener crystals.  I'll leave the crystals out altogether and substitute Ivory, unless I can find an unscented Fels-Naphta bar. 

Is there a detergent recipe that you have used?  How did you like it?  Feel free to share!


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