Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Britain's Got talent

You all may have already seen this but, in case you haven't I'm posting a link here. My husband showed me this this morning, and I cried. (which is not typical for me as I'm not really a crier!) Made me late for work. A Lady named Susan Boyles auditioned for Britain's Got Talent and I'm not going to say anymore about it now, because you really should see it. I even made my daughter watch it. So, please if you have a minute watch this, and hopefully you'll be as moved as I was.

It just goes to show you that you really can't judge a book by it's cover. My heart was so torn for her, because you could see the whole audience as well as the judges rolling their eyes. Then she opens her mouth and turns everyone into an instant fan. I love it!! You see everyone's mouth drop open, and it kinda feels good for the dowdy lady to sock it to all those who only saw what's on the outside and not what God given talents could be on the inside....Shame on all of us, who prejudge!

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