Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lover Unbound

This is Vishous' story. After being mortally wounded, Vishous is saved by a human doctor. Dr. Jane Witcomb, is curiously connected to her patient. He is not who he seems and his physical anomolies are intriguing, however that is not all. She is taken back to the compound to tend to his wounds. However, it seems she is meant to tend to his heart instead.

I found the story to be one of intense overcoming. I think both of them had a lot to overcome. This is where we really get to know V, and his insecurities. As the story begins, V is jealous of Butch and Marissa, and feels particularly drawn to Butch. His affection and connection is misinterpreted by V as attraction. When in reality he has a genuine affection for Butch. This is altogether new to V, and therefore uncomfortable. V. is instantly drawn to Jane even from the operating table. It takes him time to figure out what it is he feels and what to do with it. He is forced to face his feelings and decide what to do about them.

There were moment that wer so poignant. When he took her back home...There were times that made me cry. It's always meaningful, when someone finally allows themself to feel. This to me was the crux of this book. I was ok with the resolution of the V/Jane romance. It won't be my favorite ending, but it works.

I'm starting Phury's story in Lover Enshrined. I do not have high hopes, but am going to keep an open mind. Besides, I'll get more JM anyway.


Cindy W said...

And OH BOY do you get JM!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your review.

I loved V. I was feeling kind of sad with the outcome of his love story. I thought Ward's writing was phenominal, and I've accepted the ending, I just found myself wishing for something more.