Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Untamed by Pamela Clare

I read this for the Readers of Romance Spring Reading Challenge Romeo/Juliet story

Untamed is the second in the McKinnon Rangers series. I did something I seldom ever do, and I did it on purpose. I read a series out of order....I know!!!

However, I didn't feel like this time that I was missing too much. I enjoyed Untamed. Morgan was a great Alpha hero, with a heart of gold. Amalie was a good example of a sheltered and seemingly fragile heroine who actually had the inner strength of a warrior.

Morgan McKinnon is forced to fight for the British in the French/Indian war. He is captured and wounded by the French and Amalie a convent raised french young woman is forced to tend to his wounds so that the French can interrogate him before handing him over to the fierce Abenaki indians who intend to burn him at the stake. She tends his wounds and at the same time, loses here heart. Morgan, tries in futility to protect her from himself and his growing feelings for her as he plans to escape and doesn't want to harm her or her heart.

Some secondary characters end up being more human than previously thought, and I think Ms. Clare did a great job of expressing the burgeoning moral dilemma that Morgan found himself in. To be forced into service for a King and Military Leader that you despise, and forced to betray a military leader that you come to respect. To stay loyal to your brethren means betrayal of the one you love. Very poignant.

It helps that the intimacy between Morgan and Amalie was steamy too. (if you like that sorta thing.....and it's pretty safe to say, we do!!)

I hope to read more about these men.


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Love your blog! Enjoyed the review, will add this to my TBR! Thanks

Kristie (J) said...

I've been touting Pamela Clare for years and it's great to see she is getting the recognition. I loved this one - as well as all her historicals.

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Just browsing around and found your review. I just read this and you're correct on all your points. I read the first book, Surrender, and simply loved it, so for me this book was kind of a let down, I never quite warmed up to Amalie, but I still really like this author and plan on reading all her stuff!