Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lover Enshrined.

by JR Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood #6)

rated 4 stars

This is Phury's story. We know that in previous stories his status as a solid hero was formed. In this story we see the inner demons really come out. Now, I will say that The Wizard did get on my nerves. I don't like giving our own self loathing a name. Cormia...It took me a while to really connect with her. I'll say that of all the heroines she made me sad. Even Mary with her illness didn't get me down the same way. I felt like she had real strength inside. Cormia, was such a doormat, and I know that maybe centuries of training at being selfless are at fault. I think I didn't like the idea of her being trapped or a prisoner of her station. It just got me down, and I felt like she never...grew a spine and if a woman is going to love a man like Phury with his issues and his addiction, it's going to take someone with a real inner strength and I just didn't feel that from her. Now, I will say, that I enjoyed her discovery. I loved the Dirty Dancing stuff and M&M's do rock...

I think overall there was so much heartbreak in this book, and so little light that it will not be my favorite book. I cringed over Quinn, John Matthew, Blay, Cormia, Thor. I felt like the Brotherhood lost some of it's shine for me. I know sometimes, you have to have tough love, but I felt like they turned their backs on Phury, especially Z. After all he put Phury through, you'd think he'd be a little more supportive.

I for some reason don't have a mental image of Xhex. I see some sort of female body builder type, but no face....I want to see her face. I want to see who John Matthew is so intrigued by.

I know, I'm going on about this, but there was soooo much in this book. The Chosen, Payne, Lassiter, Rhev, Xhex, whoever Eagle man is.

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Cindy W said...

I was thinking Xena Warrior princess with short hair! I can't wait until Rehv's book, I am 8 on the wait list!