Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time Travel Tuesday

I know, it's wednesday, but tuesday was really busy for me. So here is my blast from the past. On Facebook some friends from back in the day were discussing a certain exchange student who came to our school. He was Soren, and he was from Denmark or Norway. Anyway, my friend Amy used to be crushin on him, and anyway, we were all remembering... I used to tutor him and Alex from Germany. Good times...Not sure how much help I was to them in Mrs. Kings english class, but.....What can you say. So in honor of all our 80's exchange students this is for you. I never could understand half of the lyrics, and couldn't get any of our x-students to help me.....

Take On Me by A Ha. They were from Norway, and at one time one of our exchange students was from there.

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