Saturday, December 6, 2008

Duncan's Bride

Duncan's Bride by Linda Howard

Series romance Book
pages 252

Rate 4 stars

Back Cover:

Wife Wanted...Reese Duncan lost half his ranch and all his dreams to his ex-wife, so when it came time for a family he did the logical thing: he advertised for a bride. She had to be willing to work, to bear his children and to settle for lovemaking in place of love. It sounded perfect--until Madelyn Patterson arrived.

One look and he had to have her. Never mind that she was New York and nightlife to his own plainspoken Montana ways. She was willing to herd cattle, wax floors and bake biscuits by the dozen. She was even willing to bear his children--but at a price he couldn't pay. Madelyn wanted love--and he was a man who had no love to give.

My Thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I enjoyed the fact that even though Reese was a strong "alpha male" the heroine, Madelyn, was no shrinking violet. She was not a b%#&h, or a shrew. She was not afraid to argue, and speak her mind. She also, was secure enough to not settle for some semblance of happiness, or love. She wanted and deserved a real marriage. I like that even though she was taking a stand, she was not unsympathetic. She understood that Reese's behavior was a response to his ex-wife, but she also knew that she deserved more. Ms. Howard writes a story of 2 people who find each other under unusual circumstances, but who over the course of time grew together. That's a story I can invest in...

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