Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pink JInx

Pink Jinx by Sandra Hill

#1 Readers Choice

Rated 3.5 stars

pages 356

Back Cover:

Straitlaced Boston lawyer Veronica "Ronnie" Jinkowsky knows something is fishy when her estranged grandfather lures her to his New Jersey treasure-hunting business with woeful tales of old age and bankruptcy. But she never expected the salty old dog to shanghai her into a hunt for pink diamonds with her poker-playing, four-time ex-husband Jake Jensen in tow.

Betting her heart on Jake was always a losing proposition, yet just the sight of his come-hither eyes is still enough to melt her steely resolve. Now Ronnie's on a high seas adventure that throws together lost gems, a lost ship, and lost love--not to mention a Mafia widow, her two goons, and an elderly Cajun matchmaker.

Trapped with the man she could never learn to live with -- and was never happy without -- is Ronnie fated to be forever jinxed in matters of the heart?

My thoughts:

It was a decent Sandra Hill story. It had the requisite fun secondary characters and some Marx Brothers-esq situations. I got tickled a couple of times, but to me this story was not as well developed as Pearl Jinx. (which is Caleb Peachy's story) I thought Pearl Jinx was a much better story, with much better character development. I even felt like Caleb in this story was more developed than Jake (the hero). I had the hots for Caleb not, Jake and you should always have the hots for the hero. (It's gotta be a rule somewhere!) It was just ok! I'm hoping Wild Jinx will be better than this one.

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