Friday, March 27, 2009

Lover Awakened and Lover Revealed

by J R Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood #3-4)

Let me say this... I love these Brothers. I'll say it again...I LOVE THESE BROTHERS!!!

I'm not going to give the printed synopsis from the back cover, because they are really misleading. So, I'm just going to tell you why I like them soooooo much.

First of all, these fellas are...HOT! Let the record show, that until about now, I've been one who prefers her romance books more on the pg-13 side. I like to leave a lot to the imagination, and some of the ooshey gooshey parts usually leave me wanting a moist towellette! Ick! However, something about these stories. I think having the mindset that they are not entirely human, and therefore more base instinct sets in, I find even the ooshey gooshey parts kinda hot. You don't normally want to imagine the smells of "passion", but scent is such a major part of this breeds sense and consciousness that even that is good!! So, if Hot and Steamy is not your cup of tea, these books may be something you want to prepare for, or avoid if it REALLY bugs you. I for one find this steam bath...wonderful!

Onto more detailed reviews. I loved Z, from the beginning. He is the poster boy for tortured hero. Living as a blood slave for oh, about a 100 years, and a sex slave as well, will kinda do that to you. He is rescued by his twin, and their relationship couldn't be more codependant. Z is so removed from his emotions and so scarred by what happened mentally that even his own body feels disconnected from his mind. Phury has a bad case of "Survivor's Guilt" and therefore he does a lot to try to self punish, and make up to Z something he thinks he's missed. Anyway, enter Bella. She is instantly drawn to Z in a way that has her not only intrigued, but also wary. (and rightly so, because Z's reputation is super bad..) Phury falls for her, but she falls for Z, and Z feels unworthy, so he keeps pushing Bella and Phury together. (Classic lovers triangle with a twin twist!) Enter into the picture that Bella is kidnapped by a lesser who is derainged and holds her hostage for several weeks and she starts to get a glimpse of what Z has gone through. Z finally lowers his guard a crack and after several separations etc, from Bella he finally gets his mind/body/soul connected and decides that loving someone and being loved by them is a good thing. Luckily Bella, thinks so to. (trying to be cool and not give away spoilers!) Anyway, I was happy with the HEA, but am not sure about Phury! Figure, he's got more healing to do, and that's why he'll get his own book. Loved getting to know, John more! Heartbroken over the Tohr/Wellsie/Sarelle thing. (wont say more than that!)

Butch is the Man!! Literally, he's the man, among Vamps!! (I kill me!!! hee hee) He fell hard for Marissa, at first sight in Dark Lover. She fell for him too, and who can blame her?! There aren't many men who could keep up with this band of brothers. What a stud. Now, I don't usually go for the hard drinking, empty sex havin' guys. I'll make an exception in this case. The drinking and empty sex, was just a way for him to cope with his loneliness and this feeling of being an outsider all his life. His, way to detach emotionally within himself. Marissa is a member of the aristocracy and a vampire to boot. He is a blue collar, human. Havers is a jerk, totally and he's in the doghouse with me. I'm not sure he's ever going to get out. Ms. Ward better have a good reason for his behavior if she ever writes his story, cuz I doan lahk him. (ya see how mad Ah am? My drawl ahlways gits bad, when ahm mayad!!) Ahem! I'm back. Aaaanyway. Marissa's transformation is everybit as impressive as Butch's. (won't give away spoilers) They both require courage and spirit to become who they were intended to be all along. This book was as much about each of their own growth as is was about them coming together. And their coming together was goooooood! **wink wink**

John, broke my heart in this story. Ah! I cried! I can't wait for his transition. And that scene with the Chosen at the end....classic!! He's mute, and she's so impressed with his self-discipline with his vow of silence. (okaaay!) She's all "Do you want to make sure, you are pleased with me before your transition?" He's all "ok". He turns to get a glass of water or something, and turns back around and she's standing there naked and smiling, like "ok, am I pleasing to you?" He's all "duhhhhhhhhh, Yea!" Classic. I think I like her, she sounds kinda happy/slappy and super cheerful. And this BDB mansion could use some of that. John could use that. I can't wait to see if he and Layla do the nasty!!! I just love John! I wanna squeeze him!!

So I have one more BDB in my house to read, and I'm on the hunt for Lover Enshrined before the next one is released. Woo Hoo!

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