Sunday, March 15, 2009

So it's spring break 2009! Right, so the image of spring break can be many things. Skiing, and the fun road trip to get there. Rental lodges, snow,! Or, sunning on the beach. Cabanas, bathing suits, bonfires at night.

So what are MY plans? Well, it's like Housewives gone wild...Spring Break=Spring Cleaning!! Yeeeeeaaaaaa!! I know, you're jealous! Don't Hate...Appreciate!!

So it's time to rally the troops! Call out the National Guard!

First we'll focus on the kitchen and the pantry/laundry room. Then the rest of the downstairs ought to be fairly easy, except since the last time we shampooed the carpet Athena seems to be trying to "reclaim" that. Glck!!

Then we travel upstairs! The loft is a hovel. There are old toys, and an old computer burial ground in there. The girls rooms, just need to be clean, but they are fairly well organized. That leaves my room. I have to admit, that it's the last one to get any attention. I still have a box or two that we haven't unpacked since moving in (May 06). Yea, I know!! I need serious organization. I hope to post more books on Paperbackswap, and need to seriously purge my closet. I have clothes I haven't worn in 2 years or more. Why do I keep that stuff around? I'm hoping the weather turns nice, so I can open the windows and crank the radio! Woo Hoo!!! I'll probably have to unplug the computer or I'll get distracted. Ya know.. the more I'm thinking about it, I might start in my room.

I need to repaint the stairwell and loft for sure. I doubt I'll get to that this week though. I'd like to get some reading done too. I mean I have about 30-40 books waiting for me. ***rubs hands together greedily***

So, we'll see if I get much of anything done other than reading.