Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sun Kissed

by Catherine Anderson

# 3 Sun/Moon/Stars Title

rated 4 stars

Back Cover:

When Samantha Harrington attends the local rodeo, she doesn't expect to wind up in jail. But that's precisely what happens when she tries to stop a drunkard from abusing his horse. At least she isn't alone. Tucker Coulter, a handsome local veterinarian, comes to her defense--and is arrested too. The charges are dropped, but Sam's troubles have only started. Her champion quarter horses are falling ill and the culprit is poison--and a bad guy, of course. Tucker, saves the day, sparks fly, sweet story.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyes this story. It was my first Catherine Anderson. It's a contemporary western-ish romance about a woman from a wealthy family who is a Quarter Horse breeder and a super large animal vet. There is a lot of horse jargon, and some of the details of the symptons of the horse's ailments are...."earthy". So if bodily function/medical talk icks you out, you will not like parts of this. I think it's done well, and is part of the story. There is only 1 "love" scene. So it's not a "Steamy" book, but I loved that as their afterglow stars, so does the chaos. As her father starts banging on the doors and looking for our heroine. They hop up like busted teenagers, and scramble to get dressed and act like nothing happened. (very cute scene if you ask me!!)

The mystery was just so so. I figured it out by chapter 2 before it even started. But, that's ok, for me cuz that's not why I read these. I did enjoy the relationship between Tucker and Samantha. I also enjoyed that where many authors would have increased tension by miscommunications and anger where it wasn't necessary, Ms. Anderson didn't do that. She believes him, and trusts him, and he believes in her.

I'll read her again, but am not sure yet if Catherine Anderson will be a favorite/auto buy or not yet. Overall this was a solid book, and a quick read. A definate 4 stars for me.

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