Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sisters Found

by Joan Johnston

#1 Western or set in the west...

rated 3.5 stars

pages 377

Back Cover:

Three Sisters. Three Lives. Three Hearts. Reunited in a Stunning Drama of Passion and Secrets.
Charity--Beautiful, bold and uncertain of love after being abandoned as on infant, Charity is bewildered by Kane Longstreet's marriage proposal. Despite her misgivings, she agrees to go home with Kane for the holidays. But at his cousin's engagement party at Hawk's Pride, she gets the shock of her life when she comes face-to-face with identical twin sisters Hope and Faith Butler, and sees a mirror image of herself.
Hope--The stunning discovery that she is a triplet does little to distract Hope from her own personal heartbreak. The man she has loved all her life, Jake Whitelaw, is about to marry someone else. With only two weeks until the wedding, she needs a miracle. And thanks to her determined sisters, she might just get it.
Faith--Fearing that her parents gave Charity up for adoption because of her own special needs as a child, Faith is consumed by guilt. She vows to see both her sisters happy, no matter what it takes. That means she's got to break up one wedding, arrange a couple more . . . and seize her own chance for happiness.

My Thoughts:

this was a pleasant read. Jake was a tortured hero, although I'm not really sure why...Hope was ok, but there were times when things just didn't add up. In one scene, Hope and Jake are starting the Mack, then she decides she doesn't want to lose her virginity this way, but with someone who loves her. So she's all...No, I should leave, this will never work. Then a few minutes later she's decided that oh, yea this is going to happen this way and don't try to stop me... I liked Faith and Randy although we really didn't get to know them that well. Now, Kane and Charity were ok, but we don't know anything about Kane from this book. Charity has some issues to work thru and keeps waffling about whether she's forgiving her parents or trying to hurt them. Very split personality. Now I know that we all have emotions that waffle from time to time however I didn't feel like Ms. Johnston wrote this inner emotional turmoil very well. It didn't translate well. It was a quick read and pleasant but not a keeper.

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