Friday, July 10, 2009

Harry Potter Promotion

I totally love, Harry Potter. I've read all the books and scene all the movies. I used to really like little Daniel, but he's not growing on me. I've always felt that Rupert was underappreciated. Ron is a much more full character in the books, but the movies have him acting like a real ninny. All the Weasley's are so cool. I love, LOVE Fred and George!!! Ginny, is way cool in the books too.

Now, as it comes to the actors, I kinda am over Daniel Radcliffe, and love Rupert. We don't see him very often in interviews and we never see the other characters. But, Emma does interview way, Waaaay better than Daniel. I find her to be so poised, and witty. I really hope that she goes the way of the Jodie Fosters who don't get all trippy! (Yes, Trippy. that's the technical term for drug addicted or end up in Porn or something.)

Here is an interview she did this week with David Letterman. She's soooooooo cute.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to give you this, Beth:

Heather said...

I saw the interview with Emma, going to see the movie tomorrow

Angie said...

I've never read any of the Harry Potter books or watched the movies. But my sister has peer pressured me into reading the first book tomorrow for my blog.

Carpoolqueen (formerly known as Beth) said...

Don't judge a YA book by it's cover. I've read them all and love them. They may be thick books, but they are quick reads. They were recommended to me by a friend at church several years ago. I thought she was insane, but found I must be a little crazy too....I hope you enjoy.