Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time Travel Tuesday

Yep! It's tuesday, and finally I get to post Time Travel Tuesday on tuesday. Heeeey! So I was goofing around on YouTube the other day and thought to myself...."Self! There are no real variety shows on like when I was a kid.". So, I thought, I'd look for some to show the kids. What a hoot!! I could have gone the Merve Griffith kinda route, but that was never what I was interested in. So, in the spirit of purple socks everywhere, I bring to you The Donny and Marie Show. Oh Yea!!! I loved that show. I had the Donny and Marie barbies complete with purple socks. I still know some of the words to their iconic songs.

"I'm a little bit country/I'm a little bit rock and roll/ I'm a little bit of Memphis and Nashvile/I'm a little bit of Motown in my soul....."

C'mon, you know you want to sing along. I didn't remember however that there was a lot of ice skating going on....hmmm!

It was hard to find just the right clips, but I found some that were good. So, feather your hair and dig out the purple polyester. I bring you Donny and Marie Osmond.

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Christina said...

Too funny. I had the Donny and Marie dolls too. Or rather I had Donny and my sister had Marie. The top clip even has them wearing the outfits that the dolls came in. Love you Time Travel Tuesdays.