Wednesday, July 29, 2009


by Susan Mallery

#5 Hot Word

Rated 4.5 Stars

Back Cover:

Reid Buchanan was always a fan favorite on the baseball diamond. But between the sheets?

A spiteful article about the former pitcher and current playboy questions his talent in the bedroom. And the newspaper's just the first bad news. Reid's grandmother Gloria's broken hip means she needs constant care but Reid hired Nurses 1 and 2 for their bedside manner with him. So for Number 3 he chooses Lori Johnson, the first candidate who seems immune to his brand of charm.

Lori's never wasted her time with amoebas like Reid Buchanan. So why are her well-fortified defenses starting to crumble under the force of his sexy smile and the kindness he shows her at every turn? There's only one explanation for the feelings flaring between them--chemistry. Chemistry so hot, it's sizzling!

My Thoughts:

For some reason this book spoke to me more than the last two. Now, I really liked Delicious, and Irrisistible. I felt Reid's humiliation and Lori's yearning.

Sizzling starts with a newspaper article stating that Reid Buchanan is not so great between the sheets and that disappoints children (esp ones that write him because he is a celebrity). As it turns out he has a less than talented publicist/manager. Reid is also in charge of interviewing nurses for his Grandmonster who will need months of home health care and therapy after falling and breaking her hip during a heart attack. Lucky Him!!

Lori has always considered herself the ugly duckling. Her older sister was born beautiful and never experienced that all famous Awkward Phase. As it happens, right now Lori's sister is suffering from a serious case of HepC due to a tainted blood transfusion. She is hired to work with Grandmonster. Her opinion of Reid, is that he is really pretty but infinitely useless. He's all look and no substance.

I love the interplay between these two people. She's hard as nails and honestly he needs someone to give him a menal smack upside the head. He's the epitome of everyman she feels is out of reach for her. That brings out all her insecurities. They both must grow! I have to say, I couldn't put this one down. I felt her pain, and his as well. I liked that they both "stepped up to the Plate" as it were. Even Grandmonster shows some growth. Who Knew? We also keep up with Dani's Dating Dilemma!

I honestly think she bailed on Gary, and that was kinda shallow. But, obviously there is more to her story than meets the eye. I'd kinda like to see more of good ole Gary. He was such a great guy! Sure there was no chemistry, but now I want to know how his story turns out. I wanted to give him a hug, when Dani walked out on him in the restaurant.

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