Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Girl Next Door

The man was impossible! Infuriating! Maddeningly blind! Sure, freewheeling bachelor Simon Christopher was Jenny Randall's best friend, but when would he stop ogling busty blondes and start seeing her as more than just plain Jenny, the wholesome girl next door?

Clearly, drastic measures were required. So Jenny transformed herself. From predictable to...provocative. From straitlaced to...sensual. From sweetly domestic to downright dangerous! And Simon began to sweat. Began to Darn it! He wanted his Jenny back! But would he ever admit he wanted all of her?

This was a quick read, being 250 pages. It was a nice Friends to Lovers story. It was good. I'd give it a 3.5 to 4. For a short story, the character development was pretty good. I got a sense of the history and the tension was good. The ending seemed rushed. But is was overall a good story.


Cindy W said...

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Beth ( CPQ) said...

An Award? Really? Have you seen my blog? Hee hee. thanx