Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Men in Kilts

So far, Kathie Williams has made a good showing as the only American at a mystery wrriters' conference in Manchester, England---what with that falling asleep in public thing behind her.

The sight of Iain MacLaren wakes her up. Clad in a deliciously wooly sweater, the burly Scotsman seems to be holding up a wall at the cocktail party. So Kathie makes her move...and winds up stark naked with him in bed, where his thick Scottish brogue, thick manly chest, and thick...other parts...drive her to do things she's never done before. Like fall in love.

And if things aren't moving fast enough---and on the wrong side of the road, no less---Kathie is about to visit Iain's sheep farm in the Scottish Highlands and meet his sons. She's feeling a wee bit nervous. Because she can't tell where this mad affair is going---except north...

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As you all probably know by now, I'm into the "warm" or PG-PG13 type of stories. Where Katie MacAlister describes her "love scenes" in a playful way, where you get the picture, she isn't graphic/explicit. Her story and style were injected with so much humor and fun, that even the "romance" was playful. Her heroine was smart and fun and flawed and human. She was riddled with the insecurities that most women deal with, and the vocabulary that most of us use when utterly flustered. (either too much vocabulary/babbling or not enough/uh.....um....ok) Her hero was realistic. He wasn't the best looking man in the book, but he was her prince. I loved her rag-tag family, even Aunt Amber. I love that they all kept asking about the kilt. (just like I would have.)

I'll definately read more by this author. I'd give it a 4.5 since I seldom give 5's. This is really (really) close for me.

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