Saturday, July 5, 2008

Who Thought This Was a Good Idea

It's July, in Texas. We, (the kids and I) went to church camp the first week of summer vacation. It was fun, and the weather was warm, but not HOT, yet. So, last week I was talking with my kids about how fun it was. We had been hanging out with a friend of mine and her daughter. My daughter was wishing that her friend could have gone to camp with us. Isn't there another week this summer for the elementary aged kids? Yes, I say, there is. (that may have been my first mistake)
"Wouldn't it be fun it "friend" could come with us?" "Yea, that would be fun!" (Uh oh!)
"Can we go, can we, can we, Pleeeeeeeeease!" (Yikes!) So, I call my friend thinking it's a couple of days away, If it's meant to be... Yes, she says, and Wooeee!

So, it hits me today that it's Hotter than Fish Grease here now. We'll be going to camp, in the heat! (Zoinks!!) Now, I ask you, who thought this was a good idea. Why couldn't summer camp be in Minnesota, or someplace where it's not 100 degrees outside. (Canada anyone?!)

So, Hi Ho, it's off to camp we go. If, I don't melt, I'll have fun kid camp stories to tell. I'm looking forward to everything, except the heat.

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