Monday, July 14, 2008

To Wed A Wicked Prince

Livia Lacey came to the house she inherited in London's Cavendish Square with her two friends, Lady Cornelia Dagenham and Lady Aurelia Farnham, to experience the excitement of city life. With Cornelia now happily married, Livia and Aurelia are on their own. But dashing Prince Alex Prokov, a newcomer to London, seems enchanted by Liv the moment they meet. Disarmed by the prince's determined pursuit of her, his exuberant joy of living, and the desires he awakens in her, Liv agrees to marry him.
But while night is a time for passionate embraces, Liv discovers that her irresistible husband can be as autocratic as he is extravagantly generous. While Alex balks at Liv's independent ways, he refuses to explain his own comings and goings. When Liv learns one of Alex's secrets she only loves him more. But when she learns the other secret, will she feel wickedly betrayed?
This is the sequal to "A Wicked Gentleman". I read this for the Summer reading challenge, and found it to be ok. I give it a 3. It's not my favorite. I will probably read the 3rd in the series since, I'm morally opposed to not completing a series once I start it. I also, found myself more connected to Aurelia of all the three women. I find certain aspects of both these stories annoying. The name choices Ms. Feather choses for her secondary characters are all too similar. Since they are sideline characters it is difficult to keep all of them straight. That's pretty important since the plot is heavy on the intrigue of the war, and spies.

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