Monday, July 28, 2008

Techno Challenged

I've been trying to change my layout for , oh, weeks. I was trying to do something really cool. Needless to say, "really cool" was easier said than done. So, being techno-challenged I asked Cindy for help. She rocks, btw. (In case you were wondering, it's Cindy from Cindy Reads Romance) I tried unsuccessfully to download new templates and layouts. It never did work. I did update to give myself more room. Now I can fit the countdown clock that I've been wanting. Yay!! So what I lack in real technological creativity, I make up for by being colorful. We'll see how this site morphs as I learn more about this stuff. You'd think being married to an AV guy and computer nerd, that some of that savvy would rub off. I got skipped on that gene. I could get him to help me, but for some reason I really want to do all this myself. I'll get advice and even step by step if I have to, but when dh drives, I never learn what I'm doing and how do to it in the future.

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