Saturday, July 5, 2008

Swim Class Reading

So we are taking swim classes. And by we, I mean the kids, cuz nuh-uh, I'm not getting this booty into a suit in front of the same people everyday. It's a lovely place with umbrellas and lounge chairs. All the moms and dads there waiting for the 45 minutes of no responsibility to be over. Enjoying, the "time off". Me, I'm reading. I have some lovely, romances I'm reading, however, while Brenna and Connor are traveling from the border of England to the Highlands and falling for each other, I keep hearing this sort of white noise in my head. It sounds somewhat like,"Mom, Mom, watch me Mom!" "Mooooom!" It's about then, that I realize, I'm MOOOOOOM. Oh, wha? Yes, buddy good job holding your breath! (or jumping into the pool, or kicking your feet, or fill in the blank.....) Back to Brenna, where was she?

I find, that I can't remember whether, they had finished their fight yet, or where still arguing. Hmm. It seems like 45 minutes of quite reading time under an umbrella, on a lounge chair sounds really great in theory. It's the reality that doesn't exactly work. So, until the kids no longer neeeeeed to show me everything they do, I'll probably have to hold onto reading until a later time. Sure, did sound great! *sigh*

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