Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Hart Brothers: Simon and Callaghan

Simon Hart: He'd all but sworn off women forever

Bute every man has a weakness, and his was socialite Tira Beck. Simon thought she was nothing but a shameless flirt. Until he found out she was saving it all for him. That clinched it. He simply had to have her. But would he be able to give up bachelorhood for the long haul the way Tira deserves?

Callaghan Hart: Men want to be him, women want to be with him.

Callaghan's as macho as they come. He's brooding, dark and mysterious-the ultimate bad boy. But the ranch's new housekeeper, Tess Brady, may have the ability to bring Callaghan to his knees. Sure, she's soft as a kitten and dewy as springtime, but that doesn't mean she can't tempt him into breaking all his own bad-boy rules.

I'm conflicted about Diana Palmers books. Her heroes are all strong, wealthy, older men with women issues. They are typically very mean to the heroines. The heroines are always young, virginal, and domestic. They are not only virgins, but typically don't know anything. (I mean really, ninth grade health class taught me more than these women know. Criminy!) It gets more than a little frustrating sometimes to read the same formula over and over.

However, sometimes, you get in the mood for a Uber-alpha male and innocent younger woman story. I always know where to look. It always ends up good. Honestly, I get a little embarrassed that I keep reading these books, but sometimes they just fit the bill. It's like driving by a wreck. You know you shouldn't want to look, but you can't keep your eyes off of it. Well, I got my DP fix for a while.

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